About Dalou Farms

Welcome to Dalou Farms. David and Louise Barden are busy getting ready for another busy Holiday Season. It takes long hours and hard work to have this many trees ready for our customers by the weekend of Thanksgiving when we open. The trees have to be protected from insects, pruned, fertilized and cared for year round.

We will have the sign out by the road soon, so you can't miss us. We are only one and a half miles north of Hartland, Maine on the right of outer Commercial Street.

The trees will be lined up ready to be picked. or you can take a saw and find the perfect tree on your own. Come in the summer or fall and flag it and it will be saved until December!

The wreaths are made and ready to go. So many ribbons and bows.

So why don't you come over and join us, have a free cup of coffee, a donut and pick up one of the nicest Christmas Trees in central Maine. Take home a wreath or two while you here!

Dalou Farms
90 Mountain Road
St. Albans, Maine 04971
Phone: 207-938-2955
Fax: 207-487-5319

E-Mail: bardendaloufarms@gmail.com