Christmas Trees Wreaths & Bows

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Do you remember how nice a Maine grown Christmas Tree looked and smelled!!! You can have it again this year. Come see us now!

Check out our Christmas Trees:
  • Balsam Fir: from Table Top to Large Room Size trees.
  • Come in and look through the thousands of choose and cut trees available or pick a fresh precut tree already to load in your car or truck
  • Pretagging available anytime after September 1st. Tag your tree in the warm weather and cut it fresh in December.

Check out our Wreath Shop:

  • Homemade Crafts:
  • Ornaments for your tree
  • Decorations
  • Ribbons of many colors
  • Bows of any size or color made while you wait.

Homemade Wreaths and Fresh Garland and Kissing Balls:

  • Several Sizes or Lengths
  • Decorated or Plain
  • With or without Bows

Free Coffee and Donuts.

So why don't you come over and join us, have a cup of coffee, a donut and pick up one of the nicest Christmas Trees in central Maine. Don't forget to pick out a wreath or two while you're here!

Make it a fun family tradition!

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